Hot Document Notice: Circusmaster Cheney and the Church Committee

June 21, 2014–Now posted for your delectation are a few documents where Dick Cheney, at that time a senior official in President Gerald R. Ford’s White House, sought to restrict the scope and contents for congressional investigations of U.S. intelligence in 1975. I mentioned these documents a couple of days ago (“Dick Cheney: Circusmaster or Clown?” June 19). The set includes Cheney’s handwritten notes for “next steps” at the White House to respond to the investigation of a Senate select committee led by Idaho democrat Frank Church, the senator’s actual request of the White House for CIA information–with Mr. Cheney’s annotations on what should not be handed over–and an excerpt from a later White House memo in which officials report a press conference where Senator Church notes that the indicated material had not, in fact, been handed over. These Hot Documents are in “Products” on the “Downloadable” section of the website.

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