Gamers’ Corner: New THIRD REICH !!!

July 26, 2017–I’m on other matters right now but I want to take a moment to inform all gamers of exciting new prospects that lie ahead. I’m speaking of my game Third Reich. Out of print for years now, in its Avalanche Press edition, Third Reich is going to be back with us again!  Better than ever! David Heath and Lock ‘n Load Games have acquired Third Reich in two formats. One will be the classic board game, returned somewhat to its roots but with updated components and features. The other is going to be Third Reich : The Card Game, an entirely fresh version of the game that preserves its essential design features while enabling rapid-fire, even lightning play.

I’ll have more to say about both games later. Stay tuned as we move toward publication!

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5 Responses to Gamers’ Corner: New THIRD REICH !!!

  1. Robert says:

    Never played your Avalanche Press edition only the original Avalon Hill Third Reich. Greatest game of all time. Sadly so hard to get people to play together.

    Look forward to the new version you’re planning.

    [EDITOR: Thank you! That was SUCH a great game! Watch my website for an announcement when Lock ‘N Load and I iron the wrinkles out of the chat room they are setting/have set up (I’m still awaiting authorizations to participate) to mull over design possibilities.]

  2. C.K. Jackson says:

    Excellent news!

    Mr. Prados, I heard your interview with George Noory on “Coast to Coast AM” on Monday night, Nov. 20th.

    Like other gamers, I purchased “Third Reich” (Avalon Hill version) back in 1977. I had to play it “solitaire” because I had no friends with the patience to learn it. I even wrote “news” of the war events as a sort of “alternate history” of WWII. I still have my old copy of the game.

    I would love to see the card version…

    [EDITOR: That was/is a great game, isn’t it? On the Lock ‘N Load website there’s going to be a discussion group on THIRD REICH : THE CARD GAME. A new version of the boardgame will be in the pipeline behind it!]

  3. chris o'rourke says:

    Thanks! Let me know when the card game comes out please.

    [Will do. I’m expecting sometime in 2018! When the game appears I shall put a notice up on this website. Please keep your eye tuned here!]

  4. Michael Sanches says:

    There were 2 great variants in the General.

    One involved diplomacy the involved sending BRP’s to Minors to influence their activation.

    The other was a Days of Decision-like pregame that influenced the starting setup and positions.

    Both would be cool to include.

  5. Joe Preiser says:

    Third Reich was the first war game I played back in 1983, and It was also the first one I purchased when I started gaming again 2 years ago.
    I look forward to seeing the new version.

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