Here you’ll find pieces that I’ve written on various subjects. They are things that I own the publication rights to, or have secured permissions from the previous publishers. The articles are organized under different headings and reflect my writing interests. From time to time I shall also post “Hot Documents,” which will be newly released or discovered original materials that I think you might be interested in.

The articles and papers are a mixture of open access items and “premium content,” for which I charge a fee. I’m not happy about the latter. In a perfect world everything would be open access. But conditions for writers are such that we need all the help we can get. I could spend all my time fundraising. (Any donations will be much appreciated!) I prefer using the time I have available to bring you new information and fresh perspectives.

To download an item from this site, select it for your shopping cart. To do that, click on Products, or find it under one of the categories below and click on that, or, if it is a frequently-chosen selection, its title may appear in the “most popular” list below. In any case, find the item and put it in your “Shopping Cart.” On the Shopping Cart page click on “check out now.” If your selection has a price the website will direct you to the PayPal page. If there is no cost, or once you have gone through PayPal, it will ask you to confirm the order. When you do PayPal will give you an order number and a tracking number (and link). Go to “Track Your Order” and when you arrive at the tracking site click on your order number. The page will then give you the option to download your item and print it. Even if your Shopping Cart has zero cost you’ll need to go through this checkout procedure. In that case you’ll simply be charged nothing. 

Please note: Except for “Hot Documents,” these are not Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License materials. I retain copyright and full rights to all materials on this website other than the “Hot Documents.”

Thank you.

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