Panzerkrieg Photo: Game in Play

A photo showing the boardgame Panzerkrieg in play. The view here reflects the situation during the second turn of the game. This is the post-Kursk situation of 1943, but using the “Manstein’s Alternative” scenario, which is an alternate history version that provides for Hitler not having insisted on the German attack against Kursk, but instead reserving those forces to meet an expected Soviet offensive. In the game the Soviet player has breached the front line, although a number of his attack forces have been tied down in “stalemates,” which require repeated assaults on initial objectives. Remaining Soviet forces have pursued into the German rear, where they currently are on the point of capturing Belgorod while threatening Kharkov. They expect to arrive soon on the banks of the Dnepr. The picture shows the overall mapboard situation prior to resolution of the Russian player’s Turn 2 attacks.

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